Take one Canadian girl in les Alpes.
Add the ups & downs of living in France.
Cover with melted cheese...
Et voilà !

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jeux de mots = puns {sponsored by the SNCF}

The SNCF, which is the French national railway company 
{Remember how I taught some of their staff English for a quite a while way back when? 
 Nope? Well, click over here if you'd like to catch up on ancient history 
read about why I had to wear a fluorescent safety vest to work every day...} 
is currently making me smile with a very clever ad campaign
on the local bus stops.

Ready to test your French?
{& your French sense of humour?}


Example #1

Do you get it?  No?  Try again...
Any better?  A little?  OK, read it one more time...
{Remember that the sign on the station photo is the city name 
& an essential part of the pun...}
You got it?  Bravo!  Pretty funny, n'est-ce pas ?

OK, how about another one?  
It's a bit trickier.
Mais pas de panique... I'll give you a hand if you like.

Example #2
Allez faire un tour = go take a trip.
But remember that the sign in the ad is the city name...
Do you remember Tours {avec un "s"}?
We went there last summer on our way to Brittany & loved it.
{You can read up on that over here if you like. I promise lots of lovely photos of the city!}

So... voilà !
A clever ad campaign that not only makes me laugh 
but also reminds me of some of the great destinations 
that I've been to so far in France.

almost always by car, pas en train... 
Because the SNCF is often expensive, late, or on strike!!!


  1. "That's very Nice." Awesome.

  2. @ Celia & Yann: oui, c'est assez cool, non ?

    @ Erin: bravo !!! Ton français est super !


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