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Cover with melted cheese...
Et voilà !

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Straight from French fashion week... the safety vest!

Have you ever seen a pictogram like this one?
No?  Neither had I, until I started my new job last month.

You see, my students are all employees of the SNCF (the French national railway).  
They need to learn English 
because they work on board the TGV (high-speed train) between Geneva & Paris, 
so they deal with a lot of international types who travel for business or tourists on vacation.

So where does the safety vest come in?
Well, our classes take place in a building in the rail yard in Annemasse 
(a city about an hour from Annecy by - you guessed it - train).

After I arrive at the station, I have to get myself to Platform D,
walk allllllll the way to the end of the platform,
put my very very very yellow vest on over my coat,
& only then am I authorized to cross the railway tracks 
in order to get to the part of the rail yard where our classroom is.

Sounds like a hassle, right?
I know.
But these signs at the entry to the tracks are enough to scare anybody 
into donning something fluorescent with velcro closures, wouldn't you agree?
Click to enlarge... if you dare.  Le yikes!!!
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  1. Oh my! I hope you get danger pay as a bonus...


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