Take one Canadian girl in les Alpes.
Add the ups & downs of living in France.
Cover with melted cheese...
Et voilà !

Monday, September 12, 2011

Les Scènes du Week-end {22}

The special event this past weekend?
My birthday!

It looked something like this:

Saturday morning:
sleep in, have home-made brunch, open cards & presents.

Saturday afternoon:
drive to our mystery destination,
We spent hours relaxing in the water
& I also had an hour-long massage as FQ's present to me.
So. Great.

Saturday evening:
stop in Lausanne, Switzerland for dinner
& a few festive beverages at a really fun brewpub.

We arrived back in Annecy at 11:58 p.m.,
full, relaxed & happy.

It was a lovely birthday.

Yummy brunch chez nous.
Hooray for birthday cards!
This was FQ's present to me... any guesses why??
Just two of the many pools filled with Swiss spring-water.
view from our table at the pub in Lausanne
So many beers, so little time...
A funny part of Erin's gift to me.  Does this mean she thinks I've been in France for too long?
My friend Julie sent me several sweet kitchen gadgets, including this.
Teatime just got way better, thanks to these cookies from my brother in Australia.
My friend Dawn knitted this scarf for me.  Swoon!  Hurry up & get colder, weather!


  1. Mmmmm, that breakfast reminds me of a certain place ;) Love the Canadian breath spray, and yes Tim Tams are yummy :D

  2. I love every single bit of this birthday edition of scenes from the weekend! Now tell me about Marrakech!!! {you didn't mention it on the phone!}


  3. Such a gorgeous looking/sounding weekend! Erin's pressie is so funny and the Marrakech present sounds like it could be interesting!!
    Glad you had a lovely birthday, here's wishing you a wonderful week to match.

  4. I loved your birthday post, especially the photo of you and the pretty hand knit scarf. You look good!

  5. a happy belated birthday BEAUTIFUL girl! i LOVEEE that photo of you above with a gorgeous scarf (how i wish i was talented/gifted). it sounds like THE PERFECT birthday celebration <3

    ps. that lip balm is genius! ha

  6. Happy Happy Birthday! Gorgeous scarf and GORGEOUS eyes sweet lady. :-)

  7. You look great! Not a day over 25! I am so jealous! Ana

  8. Hi Emily,

    So happy you had a Goode birthday!

    You look so fit and gorgeous modeling that scarf- Goode genetics, no?



  9. Thanks for the birthday girl compliments, ladies! I didn't want to share that last photo, because you can see my grey hair. Le sigh. But then I figured "c'est la vie" & I hit "post"! So thanks for making me feel good(e)!


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