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Add the ups & downs of living in France.
Cover with melted cheese...
Et voilà !

Friday, July 15, 2011

Best Bastille Day Slash Polish Reunion Ever!

Things are rather exciting around here on Rue de France.

I gained a few followers & got a lot of great comments
on my Bastille Day Giveway post yesterday.
{Keep them coming!}

But even more exciting than way-higher-than-usual blog traffic?
The fact that I got to have a  
reunion with some long-lost friends from Poland
who just happened to be in Annecy for Bastille Day!

When I was an English teacher in Poland way back in the day,
Karolina & Rafał started as my roomates... 
& soon became my dear friends.

We hadn't seen each other for 8 {eight!!!} years,
but when they stepped out of the elevator
& into the apartment last night, 
it seemed like no time had gone by.

It was fabulous.

We had apéritif, of course.

Then we sat out on the balcony to take in the pre-fireworks show,
a beautiful big moon which rose over the mountains.
We ate pizza, drank champagne
& every ten minutes or so said,
"It's just so great to be together again!"

So...although fireworks 
{that you can see perfectly from your balcony!},
beautiful moonrises,
festive beverages 
& summer nights are all fantastic,
you know what's even better than all that?

Old friends.
Polish sandwich!!


  1. Wow ! Did you know they were coming or they just rang your doorbell?

  2. this post made me all kinds of happy! that even if 8 years has passed, it doesn't matter with genuinely good friends.

    what a magical moon to have on an already perfect night.


  3. Nothing is better than being reunited with old friends.

    So glad you had such a fantastic Bastille Day!
    love you!

  4. your pictures are always so amazing :)
    that moon is gorgeous!!
    thanks for sharing!!!

  5. @ Julie - I knew they were in town, but it was still so exciting!!


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