Take one Canadian girl in les Alpes.
Add the ups & downs of living in France.
Cover with melted cheese...
Et voilà !

Monday, January 23, 2012

Les Scènes du Week-end {33}

Recap of this weekend?


The three key words are:  le marché, le shopping, les clementines.

Amazing view from the balcony early Saturday morning.
{Good thing I caught it, because otherwise it poured most of the weekend...}
Our Saturday-morning ritual involves baking our own pains aux chocolat... miam miam !!
This cute guy at the local Saturday-morning market let me take his photo
{even if I didn't have enough euros on me to buy a jar of honey!}
I didn't buy ear-muffs either, but aren't they almost as cute as the honey dude?
I did buy un kilo de clementines... They're from Corsica & beyond delicious.
Saturday-afternoon, we hit the mall to take advantage of les soldes {the sales}.
As you can see, it was really crowded.
{Especially in front of the take-away crêpes booth!}
I did NOT buy a snowmobile.  Or a snowmobile racing video game.
{But this display made me laugh out loud!}
However, I did treat myself to a new Esprit handbag that was 40% off.
What do you think?
And how about my new boots?  They're cute, waterproof & super warm.  Yay!

So there you go.  

But there needs to be one more image of the weekend 
if I want to fulfill my ten photos quota.

So are you ready for proof of what I didn't do this weekend?


  1. Am swooning over this Scenes from the Weekend post. It might be my favourite ever. That view! Those pains aux chocolats! That cute boy at the honey stand! Those clementines! Your new bag and boots! Le sigh...

    If it makes you feel any better, I have way more laundry than that at my place {I got two loads done, but there's still a mountain to get through- blech}

    The snowmobile display made me laugh out loud, too. As did the idea of you on a snowmobile :)

    E xoxo

  2. Cute boots, cute purse, and cute honey guy! Do you think that the cute honey guy will be at market when we are? Liz and Anna would like to check out his stall, and I would like to purchase some clementines if they are still in season.

  3. wow that wo-mankin is weird... I love the bag!!!

  4. I have white ear muffs that I love because they keep my ears warm and don't give me hat hair, although my husband hates them and makes fun of me when I wear them, but I don't care. They're cute!


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