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Add the ups & downs of living in France.
Cover with melted cheese...
Et voilà !

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

E & me {Jack O'Lanterns}

Halloween is a few days behind us,
but Erin & I figured we could feature our Jack O'Lanterns
on E & me this week.

Last week we talked about our Halloween decorations at home.
But this week, let's admire our résultats artistiques...

The Jack O'Lantern on the left was one of 4 (!!!) carved by Erin's sons.
On the right was what I did with my niece, Juliette last weekend.
I have to admit that I was impressed by her design.

Star-shaped lid?  Classy.
Four eyes?  Wow.
Rotten teeth & bloody mouth?  Ooof!
Halloween-themed paper parasols stuck in the lid?  Festive!
{So, merci Erin for sending me those... Juliette was thrilled!}


  1. I didn't realize the mouth was bloody! Eeeew.

    I'm glad Juliette liked the umbrellas. They were pretty awesome. Hopefully you managed to save a few for yourself to use on future beverages... nothing says France like a glance of wine with a paper umbrella on top!

  2. A "glance" of wine? I meant glass! Looks like I've been doing a bit of drinking myself this morning... ;~)

  3. haha erin, a glass of wine to start the day sounds pretty okay to me ;) joking!

    i'm glad i get to live vicariously through your pumpkins... alas, we didn't get round to it this year and scrambled and bought a store bought pumpkin lantern for trick-or-treaters to know we were open for shop lol

    love the star-shaped lid!

  4. You should see my giant 147lb. pumpkin. It's not carved, but still is festive!

  5. That is crazy, Bette. I can't imagine a pumpkin that weighs more than me! Did you give it steroids or something? (I hope you'll post some photos of it on Facebook)


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