Take one Canadian girl in les Alpes.
Add the ups & downs of living in France.
Cover with melted cheese...
Et voilà !

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

E & me {milk}

In just a few days, fall will officially be here.
I don't know how the weather is where you live,
but in les Alpes, it's starting to be quite chilly in the morning.

That's not a problem for me.
I love autumn.
And you know what else I love?
Hot beverages.

That's why this week's E & me is all about milk.

Café au lait?
Strong tea with milk & sugar?
Steaming hot chocolate?
Home-made London Fog?

Yes please!

I imagine this post is making you wish for
one of the tasty warm beverages I mentioned above.

Before you go into the kitchen or hit your local coffee shop,
please let me know...

Is milk chez toi like the big jug taking up space in Erin's fridge?

Or is it more like the Lactel lait in my cupboard?

Yep, most milk in France is UHT.
That means it's sterilized at super-high temperatures
& doesn't need to be put into the fridge until it's opened.
{That kind-of weirded me out at first,
but I'm used to it now.}


  1. Nooo!! Now, I know you are married to a frenchman and maybe that has affected your choices but you really shouldn't buy UHT milk. The fresh milk at the super market is the best milk I have *ever* tasted. Try Monoprix organic micro-filtered milk (from the fridge) and you will NEVER go back to UHT.

    Oh and hi, BTW! Don't mind me, I am just a little passionate about milk and I can never get why europeans drink awful UHT milk (although my husband has tried to explain it to me!):-)

  2. At our local butchers/charcuterie we can buy pure milk (nothing at all done to it!) for 1 euro a litre and....

    It tastes gorgeous!

    Doesn't last long though but, most of the time, it doesn't get a chance to last long!

    All the best


  3. UHT milk is just wrong Em! Gross! :)

    Mine has to be in a big ol' jug like Erin's and nice and cold. I like my tea milky and that is best with Semi-skimmed cow juice! ;)

    These crisp Autumn mornings are heavenly aren't they?

  4. I remember when I first found out about UHT milk! I was when I first moved to France in 2003 for a study abroad!! I avoided it like the plague- until I found out that I didn't like the way the fresh milk there smelled and how it would go bad so fast!


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