Take one Canadian girl in les Alpes.
Add the ups & downs of living in France.
Cover with melted cheese...
Et voilà !

Monday, August 22, 2011

Les Scenes du Week-end {20}

It was very hot here this weekend.
Très très chaud.
 The temperature rarely went below 30 degrees C, even at night.

I'm not a fan of such weather.

I know I should be enjoying these last few weeks of real summer,
but it's hard for me to not be cranky
when I'm feeling sweaty,
just too hot.

I've been missing Brittany & its cool ocean
& dreaming of crisp autumn weather.

But you know what?
I really shouldn't complain.
You see, I live in a beautiful part of the world,
with lots of lovely places to swim nearby.

So this weekend was all about the water 
{the lake on Saturday, the river on Sunday}
the shade
my new best friend, the Evian water spritzer!

home-made peach crisp
my addiction
I think whoever owns this rowboat needs to lend it to me
perfect lake-side reading material {thanks, Erin!}
check out my new sunglasses... or the peoples' legs behind me!
thank goodness sandwiches don't require cooking
Annecy's most famous restaurant/tour boat
the last of the tomatoes from our balcony garden {it was even too hot for them!}
down by the river
nerdy clock showing the temperature in our kitchen... at bedtime

It's supposed to continue to be hot most of this week.
I have one more week of vacation, so
until it decides to be less than 30 degrees, 
my plans look something like this:

In the morning, 
standard-transmission driving lessons at the auto-école {eek!!}
Lunch of cold stuff, eaten in front of the fan.
Afternoon at the lake, in the shade with my book.
Evening on our balcony.

Oh & doing laundry & a little packing before next weekend,
when we will attend a friends' wedding
far from Annecy.
I'd love to tell you they're getting hitched
in Iceland or Denmark or Scotland.

Unfortunately that would be a lie.

You know where they're getting married?
In Spain.
Oh woe is me.


  1. Look at you, all sultry in your new sunglasses!

    Wow, that is seriously crazy hot. Good thing for all the nearby water, huh? But I just have to ask... did you BAKE THAT COBBLER IN YOUR OVEN? Are you insane!?

    I'd forgotten I'd given you that book. Total fluff, non? Perfect for reading on the beach on a scorching summer day.

    And finally, those tomatoes look deee-lish! I'm enjoying the plate you've served them on, aussi.

    xoxo E

    PS: A weekend in Spain? How dreadful.

  2. Love your blog!

    Follow me if you like my blog and let me know it!I'll follow you back. :)

  3. Love that Erin refers to your book as 'fluff' but it is perfect relaxing reading!

    We had a muggy sort of weekend and I didn't stray far from the fan - fortunately the forecast here is set to change and cool a little this week, fingers crossed.

    A weekend wedding in Spain does sound rather heavenly though.

  4. Your tomatoes look yummy! Mine look like little green marbles. You sure look good in your sunglasses and your short and curly hair. Now I know where the term "bathing beauty" comes from.

  5. You look hot and hot in your sunglasses. (=
    I hope you guys have fun in Spain! Stay cool! Ana


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