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Add the ups & downs of living in France.
Cover with melted cheese...
Et voilà !

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Brittany: Fishing

I usually take a break from blogging over the weekend.
But you know what?
I have so many photos & stories to share with you 
about our time in Brittany
that I figured I may as well post on Saturday!

As you saw yesterday, we stayed in Saint Michel Chef-Chef, 
just a hop, a skip & a jump from the beach.

Although I took lots of pictures of the waves, 
the seagulls & the sand,
I was especially enamoured with these fishing huts.
There was something so charming about them.

Imagine my excitement when I saw some real-life fishermen types
(one complete with a yellow rainslicker!)
climbing up into one of the huts.

Those weren't the only people we saw fishing down at our local beach.
In fact, everybody seemed to be at it.

What were they all looking at, you wonder?


We didn't want to be left out.
So guess what we did?
Yep, went fishing.  
Or mussel-ing.  Whatever.

We spent several hours of a rainy & windy afternoon
down at the beach during low-tide,
collecting mussels,
scraping the barnacles off them
& chucking them into a bucket.

It was great.
But even better?

The meal FQ made that night.

He cooked our mussels in a very simple cider sauce
(leaving plenty in the bottle for us to drink, of course!)
Dinner was delicious.
All our hard work 
(by which I mean wind-burned cheeks 
& barnacle scrapes on our fingers!) 
was so worth it.

Our mussel day was one of my favourite parts of our vacation.

Cheers to le chef !


  1. Other than the fact that I think mussels are gross, this is completely awesome! Look at you two, gathering your dinner from the sea... Wheee!

    PS: Well done, FQ!

  2. I have never seen fishing huts up high like that - incredible! Not a huge fan of mussels either but very impressed by your hard work to gather your meal.

  3. I love mussels! YUMMY! It must have felt so satisfying to eat what you gathered from the sea. Good work! Ana


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