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Add the ups & downs of living in France.
Cover with melted cheese...
Et voilà !

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Why I Haven't Been Blogging, Part 4: Brunch!

Let's get something straight:
I love brunch.

The French aren't so keen on brunch.
Although there are lots of lovely sweet breakfast foods here
{mmm, pain au chocolat},
sometimes you just want a big plate of eggs & hashbrowns, 
n'est-ce pas?

So having brunch was definitely on my "to-do" list 
during my time in Vancouver last month.

On one of my last days in town, we went to brunch
with our friends Dawn & Joel

Sophie's is a very popular brunch location
& it was prime brunching time on a Saturday morning.

We had to make a decision:
wait inside for a table
{which meant risk fainting from hunger 
& having Erin miss her ferry back to Victoria}
brave the patio, 
which {the waitress assured us} was "actually quite cosy".

Well, as you can tell from all the mittens & scarves,
it was pretty chilly on the patio.

It was actually snowing on the other side of those
flimsy plastic "walls"!

But you know what?

Who cares about frozen feet 
when you've got smoked-salmon Eggs Benny {the special!},
a pot of warm tea
& a group of lovely friends to brunch with?

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  1. You know what? I can tell from looking at these photos that something was wrong with me. I look way paler than usual, and sort of, I don't know, weak and sickly... {so no big surprise that I was in an ambulance a few hours later!}

    That being said though... I love brunch too. And I'm so glad we got to go for some together!

    love you, even more than I love hashbrowns!

  2. And now why have you not been blogging?!

  3. Em, do you love hollandaise now? What about "warm mayonnaise?"


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