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Add the ups & downs of living in France.
Cover with melted cheese...
Et voilà !

Monday, February 07, 2011

Photos du week-end

We had a lovely weekend.

Our friends Camille & Charles spent Friday night chez nous.

Saturday morning, we woke up to absolutely gorgeous weather.

It was so nice to see the sun again
after what seemed like weeks of chilly, grey days.

We walked along the lake...
... across the Pont des Amours...
... and into the old town.
Annecy is beautiful no matter what the weather,
but the sunshine doesn't hurt, does it?

It created all sorts of interesting shadows
on the ramp leading up to the footbridge...
... & on the buildings in the vielle ville.
(This photo reminds me of the ones I took in Budapest.)
But the most amazing shadow was created by this streetlamp:
Isn't that gorgeous? 
(The mini-daffodils don't hurt, either.)
Sunday, the weather was just as nice,
so we took another long walk by the lake.
Lots of people had the same idea, as you can see:
I couldn't believe this woman's outfit!!!
Not exactly what I would choose for a Sunday stroll by the water...
We sat down on a sunny bench for a while.
Check out that guy on his bike behind me.  Too funny!
We admired the view:
Then I stretched out for a bit & looked up at this:
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I think I got my fill of sunshine & vitamin D these past two days,
which is a good thing, considering the fact 
I leave for Vancouver tomorrow(!!!)

And while I am way too excited to be back for a visit,
it might be a little while before I see such blue skies again.


  1. Love, love, love this post! The sunshine, the blue skies, that amazing lamp post shadow, the thumbs up from a total stranger on a bike, and... the part where you're coming to Vancouver!!!!

    I'm a little bit excited! Can you tell?

  2. I think Erin is a little giddy isn't she!! Hee hee!

    That lamp post shadow is something special - you should add it to a Flickr group. It was glorious here too and feeling decidedly like Spring.

    Safe travels xx

  3. Hello Emily, I love your photos what an absolutely beautiful place for a stroll! So much to see! I hope you and Erin have a fabulous time together and get lots of laughter and girl time! I know she is so excited and I am too for the both of you - take care and havea wonderful trip! Kelly (Erins - used to be neighbour around the corner)


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