Take one Canadian girl in les Alpes.
Add the ups & downs of living in France.
Cover with melted cheese...
Et voilà !

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Chez Nous: La Cuisine

So we're thinking about trying to organize a  
home exchange this summer.

The idea is that we trade a stay in our apartment in Annecy 
for a week or two in somebody else's home. 

Et voila... an interesting & affordable way to vacation!

It would be great to spend time in another part of France
that I don't know yet.
(Brittany? The Atlantic coast near Bordeaux?) 
Or why not swap houses with someone in Italy or Spain

I really like the idea of being on vacation
somewhere new 
but with a home base
& it's always fun to pretend you're a local even when you're not. 
("Mais oui, I live just around the corner from here...
until next Saturday, that is!")

Today I took some photos of chez nous 
so that I can complete our profile
on the home-exchange site we've chosen.

While I'm at it, I thought I might as well post a few on here.

Let's start in the kitchen, shall we?

Here's where I eat my breakfast most mornings.
That's a wi-fi radio on the table, which means I can tune in to CBC Vancouver while sipping my tea.
Isn't that great?

This kitchen is much bigger than the one in our last apartment,
has about six million times the cupboard space
& features a dishwasher!
Hey presto, 99.9% less bickering between me & FQ
about whose turn it is to faire la vaisselle!

More cupboards & drawers & storage, oh my!
(Also, looks like it's time to clear off the front of the fridge.
Where does all that stuff come from, anyway?!)

Oh, this photo isn't going on the home-exchange site, 
but I thought you'd like to have a closer look
at my retro-licious new canisters.
Aren't they fun?
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Coming up tomorrow: the living room.
Can you even handle the suspense??


  1. too bad Austin is not on your fun list. Becky has always wanted to do that.she has a pool...ha OR do you want extra income ....two college girls...my granddaughter as one...want to stay somewhere where they can take day trips by train or something. they are too young to rent a car...they are both freshman this year at SMU...both on scholarships and not party girls...

  2. oh by the way emily...anonymous with the grandgirls who want a room is me...Ardis ha

  3. That's nothin'. Wait till you see my fridge!

    Love all the splashes of red. J'adore ta cuisine. Ton cuisine? Votre cuisine? Anyway. It's been a long day...

    Looking forward to the living room!!!

  4. I love sneak peeks into peoples homes. Bring on the living room!

  5. I love that your fridge is covered - mine is too and love seeing that Erin's is when we are Skyping! I specifically didn't want to have a built in fridge in our kitchen so that I could cover it in 'rubbish'!!

    Sounds like a brilliant idea, I have read several articles about house-swaps in magazines and sounds great. Will look forward to finding out how you get on.


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