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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy New Evian!

January is nearly half-way over!

How is that possible?

And how is it possible that I have not yet posted about our New Year's Eve trip away?

Neither FQ nor I get overly excited about December 31st.
Huge parties?
Expensive nights out at clubs?
Starting off the new year with an awful hangover?
Not really our thing.

However, we do have a weakness for fancy hotels.
Last year, we were celebrating the new year in my hometown of Vancouver.
We stayed at the very posh Shangri-La hotel.
It was fabulous.

So we figured why not treat ourselves to the same kind of New Year's Eve this year?
We decided to spend a couple nights in the town of Evian, which is about 85 kms from Annecy.

Posh hotel?  Check.
Posh lobby?  Check.
Posh bottle of (local) water in our room?  Check.
Ooh, fancy!
We went swimming in the hotel pool
(although posh, it wasn't filled with Evian water as my brother suggested!),
nibbled at appetizers & watched movies in our room
& opened a bottle of champagne at minuit.

Posh apéritif, provided by us?  Check.

 The next morning, we went for a walk by the lake...
... took our first long-arm self-portrait of 2011...
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... & then went back to the hotel for a - you guessed it! - posh New Year's Day brunch.

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  1. Sounds like my kind of way to bring in the new year too, we aren't ones for huge drunken parties but love nice hotels. We went away last year early in January to a really posh hotel in Jersey and it was divine. Loved all the posh water and chocs and plush surroundings. Should be a tradition I think.


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