Take one Canadian girl in les Alpes.
Add the ups & downs of living in France.
Cover with melted cheese...
Et voilà !

Friday, December 17, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree...

So once the hairnet came off, our Christmas tree looked significantly better.
Add a few lights, some ornaments & a star on top...
& presto!

The stars of the show were my vintage goodies from the ornament swap I participated in.
They didn't mind sharing the spotlight with the other new additions, 
the two hand-made felt peacocks I bought for us at a market in Budapest last month.
(Do they look familiar, Krista?)

Speaking of the ornament swap...

Micaela (who organised it all) has posted lots of photos on her blog
to showcase the baubles that were sent & received.

My swap partner Krista blogged about what I sent her over here.

Tanya at Dans le Townhouse read Krista's blog entry & was quite smitten.

So there you have it. 
Fun ornaments, new friends & cute little tree, right?

Oh & I really do mean "little".
I'm five-foot-nothing (or 152 cms if you prefer)...

... but suddenly I'm a GIANT!!
OK, here's one more funny thing to show you.
In France, people don't seem to fuss with tree-trunk stands &/or water.
They just nail the base of tree to a cross made from two flat pieces of wood
or (the slightly more artistic version)
drill a hole in half a log & stick the trunk in there.
No fuss, no mess.
Well, apart from the endless pine needles on the floor, of course.

I guess some things about Christmas really are the same, 
no matter where you are.

(Now, where's that broom...?)


  1. I love your little tree Em...and your vintage ornaments

    I used to dream of going to foreign countries...I am living vicariously through the young people I know:-)

  2. What a cute little tree, and you have the perfect unique ornaments to put on it. I love the star on the top, too.

    Now, how about a rousing chorus of "L'arbe de Noel".

  3. Super cute little tree! And those ornaments are fantastic! Hoping to get our tree up tomorrow night.

  4. Love your little dinky tree - it looks beautiful all prettied up and out of the hairdressers.

  5. How cute is that tree? So funny how the tree is not put in a base with water. I do, however, like their genius idea of using half of a log.

    As a side note, can I just say you have the cutest hair ever! Are those natural curls? Gorgeous. :-)

  6. Thanks for all the tree love, ladies!

    Krista, thanks for the compliment too! Yep, naturally curly. It just sort-of does its own thing. I've come to terms with that & now my hair & I get along well (except on really rainy days...)


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