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Add the ups & downs of living in France.
Cover with melted cheese...
Et voilà !

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ornament Swap

Last month, I participated in my first-ever blog swap.

You didn't even know that such things existed?
Me neither, until recently.

So how did this all come to pass?

Well, my lovely Erin (in Victoria, BC) directed me to Dolce Vita
which is a fabulous blog written by Micaela (a newlywed Texan who now lives in Virginia.) 
Micaela was organizing a Christmas ornament exchange.
She matched me up with Krista in Georgia for the swap.

Still with me?

The idea was simple: have a look at your swap partner's blog to get an idea of her style.
Pick out an ornament or two.  
Write a note.
Mail it off.
Et voila!

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I received a pretty little box from Krista in my boîte aux lettres the other day.
As you can see, she did a fabulous job picking out two ornaments for me 
(at a vintage auction, no less!)
She included a lovely letter too.  
I was also pretty excited about the sparkly bits amongst the shredded paper 
she used to make sure my little elf & glass ball got 
all the way from the Southern U.S. to the French Alps safe & sound.

We are decorating our tree tonight & my new ornaments are going to be front & centre!
More photos tomorrow!


  1. sweet Em, this post makes me all kinds of happy!!!

    when Krista emailed me the photo of the ornaments she sent, i just KNEW you would love them and was so pleased i randomly paired you both up since you both have sweet hearts and top taste! ;) that little elf and glass ornie are FABULOUS!!! i'm just a wee jealous they're not on my tree! LOL

    more than anything, i am thrilled your first blog swap experience was a success and honored to have you both play along :)

    can't wait to see what they look like on your beautiful tree!!! xoxo

  2. Yay! I love these! I'd happily add both to my massive ornament collection. I knew you'd be glad you joined in the swap! Can't wait to see them on your tree. Have I mentioned that we don't have a tree yet? Or a living room to speak of? Le sigh. I will have to live vicariously through you for now.


  3. That reminds me... have you opened the parcel I sent you yet? Everything inside is wrapped, so it's okay. Maybe one of those items you'd like to open tonight??? (hint hint!)

    love you! have fun! xoxo

  4. Yay! So glad you got your ornaments. I just love that little elf, so much personality! He needs a name. I totally LOVED my felt ornaments. I know you mentioned getting them at a market in Budapest, are they handmade?

    I didn't put them on my tree, I don't want them to get lost in the sea of ornaments. I gave them a special home hanging on the knobs of my chocolate safe in my kitchen. That way I can look at them as I bake Christmas goodies. I smile each time I pass by them and think of their journey and the story of how I made my very first friend in France. :-)

    Thanks so much! I can't wait to continue to keep in touch.

  5. Those are lovely ornaments. The striped one reminds me of the ornaments we had on our tree at home when I was a girl. They are so pretty. It's amazing that they got there in one piece.

  6. hi, I just found your blog via Le Franco Phoney - I live in Lyon!

    I've never heard of a blog swap either but I have just participated in a secret onesie exchange for pregnant momma's to be and I didn't know that existed either. How much fun!


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