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Add the ups & downs of living in France.
Cover with melted cheese...
Et voilà !

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Soup season

We're all about the soup around here.

A while back, we bought this soup-tastic (!) cookbook, 
after having thumbed through a copy at a friend's house.

image via here
What's not to love about this cookbook?

Not only does it feature a monk cooking up a storm,
it has simple, delicious recipes,
& cute quotes about soup inside, 
like this French proverb:

Eat soup first and eat it last, 
and live till a hundred years be past.

My favourite thing about this cookbook, however,
is the fact it is organized according to months.
It's divided into twelve chapters
& each month features ten soups or so, with seasonally-appropriate veggies.
This thrills me to no end.  (Why, yes, I am a Virgo... why do you ask?)

FQ likes to tease me by threatening to make an "April" soup when it's only January.
or a "December" recipe in mid-March.  He's crazy like that.

Now that it's getting darker a bit earlier & there's a definite chill to the evenings,
it seemed like the time was right to get our soup on.

Plus I start my new job on Monday
& having soup in the freezer to heat up for a quick dinner
(avec une baguette et un peu de fromage, bien sûr)
is always a good plan.

So last night FQ made two huge pots of soupe,
potato - leek - carrot
cream of celery.

All that chopping & cooking took place while I was in the other room
teaching my Skype student & then talking to my parents.

So I guess going back to work isn't so bad
when you've got dinner all sorted out in advance
& a sweet soup-making husband to come home to.


  1. Oh, Em... you are so lucky to have a soup-making (and soup-liking!) husband. You know how mine feels about soup. Sigh. Doesn't stop me from making tasty minestrone and delicious potato & leek though. I'd like to get that cookbook. It looks fab. Love the idea of soups for each month. And I'm not even a Virgo!

  2. How much does FQ charge per hour to work his soup making magic? I may need to hire him when I go back to work. :)


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