Take one Canadian girl in les Alpes.
Add the ups & downs of living in France.
Cover with melted cheese...
Et voilà !

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

E & me {back to school sales}

Kids in Canada & France have gone back to school.

And what else?  
Well, E & me is back on-board "Rue de France" & "Pughs' News"!

Erin & I often post collages with photos of scenes from home
{Annecy, France or Victoria, British Columbia, Canada}, 
such as this or this.

We also like to compare things we are fans of,

And we share photos of pretty things in the two places we live,

That being said, get ready for today's rather disturbing E & me.

It's not picturesque. 
It's not something which makes us swoon.  
It's not going to make you book a plane ticket to Victoria or Annecy.

It is a comparison of two horrendous ads for back to school sales.

Charming?  Not at all!
But today's E & me probably made you laugh.
Or roll your eyes.
Or both?


  1. Hi,

    Unlike in my own schoolin times, school has become a marketplace no less messy than others, with a deluge of stupid brands assaulting kids up the very schoolyards. Now the little girl whose schoolbag is not labelled “Hello Kitties” really feels like “la reine des ringardes!” LOL.
    So yes you’re right nothing “charming” in all of these ! :)

    François Roland

    1. Salut François. Thanks for stopping by & for NOT enjoying these photos! ;-)

  2. I love that they're almost mirror images of each other, with the kid at the back in blue and the one in front in black. Even if the original images aren't artistic, the comparison IS! :O)

    1. Very true! I hadn't even noticed. Bravo for your artsy eyes!


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