Take one Canadian girl in les Alpes.
Add the ups & downs of living in France.
Cover with melted cheese...
Et voilà !

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Instasamedi {13}

Cherries, donkeys & the red carpet?  
Not a bad week!
Good thing I got to the market just before they ran out of cherries...
{samedi, Annecy, marché}
I think my flowers didn't mind Sunday rainy Sunday...
{dimanche, Annecy, sur notre balcon}
Cute café just around the corner.
{lundi, Annecy, close to chez nous}
We drove around the Lac d'Annecy & stopped to visit with these new friends.
{mardi, Menthon Saint-Bernard, near the lake}
OK, so it's not Cannes, but Annecy's Animation Festival features a red carpet all the same!
{mercredi, Annecy, Centre Bonlieu}
Fancy Animation Film Fest Lanterns
{jeudi, Annecy, Centre Bonlieu}
Last day of the Animation Film Fest {& last freebie ticket!}
{vendredi, Annecy, Cinéma Décavision}

Voilà for Instasamedi this time around.
More on the Annecy Animation Festival next week, d'accord ?


  1. Mmm, those cherries look good!

    If only I could pop out and meet you at that café... I'd like nothing better.


    1. Indeed, that would be beyond fabulous.
      We. Will. Make. It. Happen. One. Day. Soon.

  2. That's a cute donkey. He's very photogenic :)

    1. It's true he's cute, but you know what? He was beyond cranky. I think he just enjoyed having his photo taken, because the rest of the time he was extremely nasty. He was scowling at us & kept head-butting sheep to get them to stay away from him!


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