Take one Canadian girl in les Alpes.
Add the ups & downs of living in France.
Cover with melted cheese...
Et voilà !

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Charm {1}

Hello!  Bonjour !

I have lots of seasonal wishes for you, dear Rue de France reader!!

First off, happy three-days-after-Christmas-Eve!
{Which, in France, involves a huge family dinner that is pretty much 
the most important moment of Christmas celebrations!}

Secondly, happy two-days-after-December-25th!
{Which is when I felt the most homesick,
especially in the morning.
In France it's a day that is much more low-key than in Canada
so I had less distractions & festivities 
& spent a good part of the day missing my family... le sigh...}

Lastly, happy one-day-after-Boxing-Day!
{Which doesn't exist in France.  
So my December 26th involved sleeping in, 
eating festive leftovers with my in-laws, 
taking a nap & having a little wander - in the very brisk air -
around FQ's lovely little village-slash-hometown, Pommiers.}

Et maintenant ?

How about a photo of festive French food?

One of the family meals we had was at FQ's aunt's house.
The meal had about a zillion courses & was amazing, of course.
{But I'd need an entirely separate post to tell you all about that.}

So let's just stick with what she served for dessert, ok?

Les petit fours.

Beautiful + delicate + delicious?  Mais oui !
But pumpkin pie, one of my favourite things ever?  Mais non...

{Again, le sigh...
But at least I've passed along lots of greetings to you all,
I've told you a little about Christmas traditions in France
& I've made your mouth water with that photo!}

More tomorrow, ok?
{Including a post-Christmas version of the world-famous E & me...}


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