Take one Canadian girl in les Alpes.
Add the ups & downs of living in France.
Cover with melted cheese...
Et voilà !

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Les Scènes du Week-End {25}

This past weekend was pretty exciting.

We were back home after our quick exotic trip 
& my parents were back in France 
after a week away in Ireland.

Here in Annecy, it poured rain all weekend. 
But you know what? 

We were so happy to see each other again 
& to watch the "Retour des Alpages" on Saturday, 
{a traditional parade that celebrates the end of summer 
& the fact that cows have been moved down 
from the Alpine pastures to their barns for the winter}
that we didn't really mind the crummy weather.

As for Sunday,
it was Thanksgiving in Canada 
so my mom made a delicious meal here
& my parents-in-law came over to try 
traditional turkey dinner for their first time ever.
I'm pretty sure they enjoyed everything 
{except the cranberry jelly... their loss!}

 The first snow of the season fell on the Parmelan Mountains above Annecy.
Like I said, it rained all weekend in town.  It's still pretty; though!
The parade involved soggy cows with decorations & guys in traditional outfits.  
Speaking of soggy & decorated, there were also geese...
... & gorgeous Saint Bernard dogs.
One of my favourite things was the traditional music on the giant wooden horns.

On Sunday, FQ & his dad were ready to eat the Thanksgiving feast.
And my mother-in-law & my dad were ready to drink a few festive glasses of wine.
Moi & ma mère aussi... cheers!
My favourite thing about the weekend was my mom's homemade pumpkin pie.  Miam miam !!


  1. Hooray for a Canadian Thanksgiving celebration in the French Alps!

    That pumpkin pie looks deeelicious. Our tarts were pretty tasty too.

    Thankful for you, my lovely!

    PS: I'm not really a "dog person" but that St Bernard is awesome.

  2. Happy thanksgiving! This is lovely!

  3. Bring me one them giant wooden horns!

  4. I love it!

  5. I would have loved to hear those giant horns!

    - Pascale


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