Take one Canadian girl in les Alpes.
Add the ups & downs of living in France.
Cover with melted cheese...
Et voilà !

Monday, July 25, 2011

Les Scènes du Week-end {19}

Let's sum up the weekend, shall we?

Saturday morning:
* wake up early & head to driving school to do practice DVDs
* after a few hours, feel like head might explode
* catch the tail-end of the market
* go home & eat lunch

Saturday afternoon:
* go back to the driving school to do even more DVDs
* after a couple hours, feel like head may in fact honestly explode
* go for bike ride between rain showers

Sunday morning:
* wake up unable to deal with the thought of more driving DVDS
* decide to go to Geneva for brunch
* walk in the park in Geneva in-between downpours

Sunday afternoon:
* sit on couch & watch driving DVD I borrowed from the driving school 
* drink tea
* too much tea, too much DVD
* wander down to the lake despite huge threatening clouds
* try to not feel cranky about driving test, terrible weather
or insanely long line-up outside a fancy luminarium we wanted to visit
* go home

grapes from the Saturday-morning market
I treated myself to this bouquet from the market
at our favourite brunch place in Geneva
blue eyes & beverages at brunch
post-brunch dessert options
water lillies in the park in Geneva

 our balcony garden's cherry tomatoes are finally ready!!

 Behold the luminarium:  a huge bouncy-castle type thing set up by the lake in Annecy with a light & sound show inside... unfortunately the line-up was never shorter than 2 hours long, so we didn't get to go.  Le sigh.
 Tired of Annecy's beautiful canals yet?  Me neither.

Annecy's vielle prison at night makes the tourists (& me!) swoon

So... there you go.
Not such a bad weekend after all, despite the DVD overload.

As for the result of my theory part of the driving test this morning?
Well, you'll just have to check back tomorrow!

À demain !


  1. Those pictures are fabulous.

  2. Such pretty pictures :)

    Those desserts look absolutely delicious :)

    Knock em dead tomorrow sweet girl!! Cheers all the way from New York!!

    xo Kary xo

  3. Is that brunch place in Plainpalais? I think I walk past it all the time on my way to Bikram yoga in Carouge! And BEAUTIFUL flowers!

  4. @ Honsk8s: It's not far from Plainpalais, but not sure if it's the place you're thinking of. Their brunches are yummy, their chai tea lattes are fabulous & they're just around the corner from Parc Bertrand. Highly recommended!



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