Take one Canadian girl in les Alpes.
Add the ups & downs of living in France.
Cover with melted cheese...
Et voilà !

Friday, May 06, 2011

What's making me happy these days...

Evenings warm {& light} enough to eat outside.
Husbands who make dinner!

A fantastic card in the mail from Erin.
She has sent me a lot of great cards over the years,
but this one is definitely in the Top Ten.
 My fancy new runners!
Oh, the fact it's supposed to be sunny & warm 
all weekend doesn't hurt either...

Bon week-end !


  1. BON WEEKEND indeed!!! husbands who cook... yes please! though tonight since husband is working i'll make vegetarian sloppy joes to go with a much anticipated NBA game where i hope my team continues to beat the champions! ;) *don't we all love a good underdog?*

    those trainers and that card-- AWESOME!

    happy weekend to you sweet friend

  2. I love those cards! I bought four of them, all with different "we go togethers", and sent them out to my close friends who live far away. They're the best!

  3. Happy Weekend! That really is a great card, isn't it? I think it deserves to be featured in one of my "J'adore" posts...

    And now- where can I get me one of these husbands who make dinner? ;~)

    Enjoy that sunshine! I will look forward to your Monday post full of beautiful photos of summer-like weather and then I'll live vicariously through you. It's supposed to rain here all weekend. Le sigh.

    Love you, even though I'm very jealous of your Alpine climate!
    E xoxo

  4. What made me happy today was Mother's Day Brunch with Anna, Ryan, Liz, Ben and Duane and a video visit with you and a phone chat with David. I have such a great family. Thanks to all for a super Mother's Day!


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