Take one Canadian girl in les Alpes.
Add the ups & downs of living in France.
Cover with melted cheese...
Et voilà !

Monday, May 16, 2011

Les Scènes du Week-end {9}

It's been mighty quiet around here...

but the truth is 
I was under-the-weather with a sinus & ear infection,
a horrid raspy voice 
{always handy when you're an English teacher}
& zero energy.

The doctor said lots of people are getting ill 
with the same kind of gunk these days
& blamed it on the unseasonably warm & dry weather.

So I guess if this early summer is good for my balcony garden, 
it's not necessarily good for my sinuses...

The good news?  
I'm definitely on the mend 
& here to post photos of the scenes from this past weekend.

The main theme of the weekend was 
Joyeux Anniversaire Jean-Yves !
In other words, my father-in-law turned 60 
& we had a big yummy lunch on Saturday to celebrate.

The restaurant was fabulous enough to merit its own post
which I'll do this week.
For the moment, enjoy a sneak preview!

our table at L'Ouest restaurant
the birthday boy

my niece Juliette & moi at lunch
attempt to keep Juliette distracted at long lunch - French vs English spelling, whee!
Sunday-morning cuddles with Merlin, FQ's cat who lives at his parents' house

I never get tired of the view from my parents-in-law's house

first cherries of the year
vineyards near my parents-in-law's house
poppies alongside the path
my new {blue suede} shoes!


  1. Pommiers is so beautiful. No wonder I took 500 photos in my 4 days there!

    Looks and sounds like a lovely weekend. Hope you are feeling a million times better this week.


  2. Very cool shoes, Em. It looks like you had a good weekend. Wish we could have been there to share the festivities with everyone.

  3. Is it weird to say that your father-in-law is very, very nice looking for a man his age? I hope not, because I think he is. :) Looks like a great weekend!

  4. well look at her husband ;) "the frenchie"-- beautiful genes run in both your families... because look at your darling niece!!!

    and those shoes?! OH MAN I SWOONED!!!!!!!

  5. April, perhaps it's a bit weird, but it's nice all the same! :) I'll be sure to pass your compliment along...

  6. Speaking of compliments, merci Micaela!


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