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Add the ups & downs of living in France.
Cover with melted cheese...
Et voilà !

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why I haven't been blogging, Part 1: Walks

So as you & I both know,
since I've been back for my West Coast visit.

But I have been taking lots of walks 
near my parents' house,
accompanied by FQ & Koda:
My mom & dad:
And my adorable nephew Ben:
What I love about
"going for a walk around the block" 
in my parents' neighbourhood
 is that it takes at least an hour.

Well, it's rural, right?
That means one big block!
Plus there are all sorts of interesting things to look at.

For example, the neighbours' creative mailbox:
The view across the fields towards the Fraser River:
And the local horses (particularily photogenic on this occasion!)
We usually walk through Thornhill Park,
where I used to teeter-totter & gossip with girlfriends
back when I was a teenager.
And where the dog likes to splash around in the creek.
On the home stretch down the hill back towards my parents' house, 
I always admire the view.
This is what "home" looks like to me.
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  1. It's interesting to see our neighbourhood through your camera lens. What a beautiful place. I have a new appreciation of the familiar streets and views.

  2. Whonnock is a beautiful place for walking. I love those horses all lined up to get their photo taken!

    Great idea... Why I haven't been blogging! I look forward to hearing all your other reasons.

  3. ...and now I want to take out my camera and go for a long walk with no destination. I think I will this weekend.

    Thank you for your comment today...it made me giggle!

  4. un petit bonjour a la roumaine sur l avant derniere photo.

    Signe: celui qui aime les gens du voyage


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