Take one Canadian girl in les Alpes.
Add the ups & downs of living in France.
Cover with melted cheese...
Et voilà !

Friday, November 19, 2010

Can you have your cake & eat it too?

If you'd run into me a week ago today, I would have looked something like this:

Relaxed & happy, right?

Well, can you blame me?
I was in Budapest & beyond excited to be exploring a new city.
It was FQ's 30th birthday & everyone was in a festive mood.
The sun was shining, we had lots of fun plans
I was about to eat what was quite possibly the most delicious piece of cake ever:

lots & lots of walnuts + layers of cream = heaven
We had all sorts of yummy hot beverages at hand:

And a table in a cosy corner of a wonderful little "cukrászda" (pastry shop):

No ordinary pastry shop, either.  
This one claims to be the oldest on the European continent!
You can read more about the history of the Ruszwurm here.

It's on a little street in the Castle District, practically next door to Matthias church.
can you believe it was mild enough for people to sit outdoors?! 
So there you go.
That was last Friday.

This Friday, there was no cake.
No rush of excitement at discovering what is around the next corner.
No birthday celebrations.

there was an alarm clock that went off far too early,
a bleary-eyed version of me in the bathroom mirror,
a rushed morning with not enough time to finish my tea,
an hour's commute,
a class of unruly adult students who are trying my patience in a big way,
lunch (still no pastries in sight),
more teaching, more students driving me up the wall,
an hour's drive back to Annecy,
end-of-the-work-week exhaustion, 
grocery shopping.

Making the most of a long weekend in a beautiful European capital?
Piece of cake.

Surviving the crazy work week immediately after such a long weekend without spending the entire time wishing you could go back in time & have another piece of that heavenly "torta"?
Not so easy.


  1. Oh Em. Today sounds like it was awful! And don't you hate when you can think back to a time that was so lovely and so recent, but that feels so very far away? Le sigh. Hope you have a chance to relax and eat a piece of cake this weekend... And just think, one week down, just a few more to go! You can do it.
    xo E

  2. PS: That is one stylish snood you're sporting! Like something one might get on Oxford Street...

  3. Hang in there, Em! Cake and tea are just around the corner - wait for the T-D week end with Camille and Charles.

  4. anyway, you have to have some not-quite-awesome days to really appreciate the truly exquisite ones!

    - the not anonymous liz

  5. Yours is the best (not to mention only) blog I've ever read. Thanks for writing it and posting the great pictures. It's wonderful to experience Europe - even vicariously.

  6. That pastry looks divine! I adore European cakes and pastries; they always look so delicate still pack a punch!

    Such a shame the weekends away can't last longer, hope this weekend is a little more restful than the week.


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