Take one Canadian girl in les Alpes.
Add the ups & downs of living in France.
Cover with melted cheese...
Et voilà !

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Three strikes, you're out!

For a second, let's forget about the ongoing strike & huge mess that is going on over here right now.

Let's try to ignore all the hoopla (& along with it, my terrible pun in the title of this post.)


Well, because I've had a lousy day and I need to complain.

Here's how things went down:

1.  Leave house at 8 a.m.  
Wait in rain for 10 minutes for my colleague to pick me up (she was late).  
Battle heavier-than-usual traffic 
(more people are on the road - despite the fuel shortages -
since trains and buses have been affected by the strike.)  
50 minutes later, arrive in Bellegarde for English classes 
but find 
main access road to town completely shut down 
due to striking high-school students.  
Turn off car, lock doors,
sit & observe shouting teens, grim-looking police officers 
& annoyed motorists.  
Arrive 15 minutes late for class.

2.  Forget lunch at home.  
Only alternative is to buy soggy tuna-fish sandwich from train station cafe.  

3.  Finally get back to the apartment after another long day.  
Open front door, immediately notice strange sound.  
Spot a jet stream of water shooting out of the radiator in the corner of the living room, 
hitting the wall opposite 
& then splashing down onto the floor.  
All over the parquet.  
& the table.  
& the sofa. 

Sigh.  Sigh.  Sigh.

Several hours later, all the towels we own are soaking wet 
(but the good news is there are no more puddles of hot water on the living-room floor 
& our neighbours haven't come up to complain about a leak). 
I've made fajitas for dinner & had a (well-deserved) beer.  
And I'm heading off to bed shortly.

Note to all those striking Frenchies:  
working until the age of 62 seems like a walk in the park compared to the day I've had today!


  1. Oh Em! What a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day... Here's hoping that tomorrow is a million times better! And who knows? Maybe a fun, festive little parcel will be awaiting you when you walk in the door, instead of puddles of boiling hot water. One can only hope!

  2. I'm sorry to hear that you had such a bad day. I didn't know that you had a couch. Hope it didn't get too wet. How about posting a photo of it for us to see?

    I know that Thursday will be much better.


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