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Add the ups & downs of living in France.
Cover with melted cheese...
Et voilà !

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Annecy has a bike rental service called Vélonecy.
(The name comes from "vélo" + "Annecy", but you've probably figured that out already,
because you're clever like that!) 

I had been wanting to try it out ever since we arrived in town.   

Today was the day!   

So off I went to the train station where the bike rental office is located, 
armed with several pieces of mail to prove that I am a local resident. 
(The rental rates are very reasonable if you live or study in Annecy, 
or if you have a train ticket to or from the Gare d'Annecy.)
Faux ami alert!  "Location" means "rental" in French.
Aren't they cute?  I love the colour.  And the baskets.
Once the correct photocopies were provided,
the necessary forms were filled out,
& the cheque was written,
I was on my merry way.  
I headed out of the train station, through the old town, 
& straight to the bike path that runs along the lake.  

It's divided into two sections, one for walkers & one for those of us à vélo.  
Just like the Seawall in Vancouver!

"Shared space"... isn't that nice?

I set out, feeling a bit wobbly.  It had been ages since I'd been on a two-wheeler.  

But it really is true that you never forget how to ride a bike, isn't it?  
I was zipping along like Lance Armstrong (or his much slower distant cousin) in no time.

My bike & I stopped for a breather and admired the view of the lake & the mountains.

We spent a few minutes watching these guys fishing:
Anything biting today, fellas?

We rode along again for a while until we reached the beach at Sévrier, 
a little town just down the lake from Annecy.  

FQ & I had been here once, back in July & it was madness.  So crowded.  
Today, however, I didn't have to fight anybody off to get a prime seat under this chestnut tree.

My view looked something like this.  Pas mal, non?

I sat a spell, read some of the paper, wrote a letter to a faraway friend & daydreamed.  
It was lovely.

Then I went hunting for a wish rock & found this perfect specimen:

I wished that bike helmets weren't so dorky-looking.

Looks like it didn't work.

Oh well.  It was a great afternoon out anyway!

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